I Am Dark Sided

by Holly Mae and the Painted Room

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released July 1, 2011

Music & Lyrics by Holly Mae and the Painted Room
Holly Mae Haddock/ lyrics, music, guitar, vocals/ Sara Kwon/ violin, vocals/ Kathy Kwon/ keyboard, vocals/ Molly Morgan/ percussion, vocals
All tracks except for Falcon recorded at 3 Kleine Schweinchen
Falcon recorded at Dragon Palace
Produced by Eliza Hiscox and Holly Mae and the Painted Room
Mixed by Alex Park
Design and Drawing by Marius Wenker



all rights reserved


Holly Mae and the Painted Room Berlin, Germany

The Painted Room is an art-folk entity of varying membership that existed in from 2006 to 2012. Members have included Holly Mae Haddock, Sara Kwon, Kathy Kwon, Molly Morgan, Sarah Morris, Mary Fraser, Mike Billmire, Serge Van der Voo, Merilee Philips, Sami Jo Buffington, Ken Lee, Jaime Fordyce & others ... more

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Track Name: You're Not My Friend
I feel you velvet darkness, tugging on my sleeve
yes, I know you've come for me, you haunt me in my sleep
you always drag me down, you mire me in my sickness
take away my happiness and all that I hold precious

the struggle starts, I rip you with my teeth
you grab me by my soft throat, I wait for my release
you pull my life apart, thread by thread
you are a leaden tide, you pull me to the dead

you are not my friend
no matter what the good book said
you took away my paintings in berlin
and you left me for dead

you said that you were nearer to me than my warm red veins
but tell me, where were you, huh, when I couldn't shake the pain off?
when the spell breaks I come to my shattered senses
count myself as lucky, you broke down my defenses

how can I love you when you're so ferocious?
I love the tenderness that ensues from your pursuit of me
Track Name: The Forest
It's dark and dangerous in the forest, it's dark and dangerous in the wild, wild woods.
Send out the children, so unsuspecting, or else they'll eat us out of house and home
they tied the axe tight to sapling green limbs
I hear the axe fall, the trees are whipping in the wind
we're all alone now, see the geese rise, my only mother,
my only father

the stones are moon-white, lit up by moonlight
come, let us follow, sister, hold my hand
the stones are moonlight, lit up by moon-white
come, let us follow sister, hold my hand

they sent us out, told us to dream big
we lay down, even knowing what would come
Track Name: We Are The Wild
we will drive to the top of the mountain
this could well be the world's greatest vacation
you could well be the world's next greatest writer
and I could become someone I only dreamed of

we are the wild, and this is wilderness I'm sure

wrens break the morning, and wrens break persimmons
rents in the skin, running sweet as molasses
this is the morning we'll always remember
this is the evening we'll always forget
Track Name: Red Hawk
Red hawk, you are my captor. I lie down to die
in your clutch, easily.
Red hawk. I play the music. You nod your head to the sound
of my hands, of my hands.
I am walking in a landscape
and all the animals sing out
calling for you, just like I do
singing, We want the one and only rider

pick-axe, you fall down on us
and your flight is easily secured
and so bitter is your attack
on us bright, singing babies
us wild living curs, us suffering animals
in our suffering world

in thinnest air you are a sailor
over widest mountain caps
in widest skies you are a sailor
over highest peaks' collapse
Track Name: The Source
There’s a wild beast in the pasture, and a rabbit in the warren. There’s water in the mountains, just behind the redwood forest. Nothing is there like we think it is. The cabin he built with his own two hands.

We all want to know what the matter is. We all want to know something. Well, don’t be alone at the end of the day, or what you will know is lonely.

It’s two hours north, on a path straight through the gorges. Two hours by foot, and it leads to where the source is. Nothing is there like we think it is, not even the cabin he built with his own two hands.

We all want to know what the matter is. We all want to know something. Well, don’t be alone at the end of the day, or what you will know is lonely. And don’t sleep alone in the arms of the dark, if what you really want is me.

We came down the mountain, and we were very happy.
Track Name: Thousand Ships
Sister, we were once wound in indigo. Two cords wrapped around our necks. Could I but remember your face, your pressed apricot flesh, strange as a fish.

We were born in two eggs. With Castor and Pollux, in another egg. By a woman who wrapped her long legs
around a swan, that's how you got your face
that launched the ships, a thousand ships.

That silly man comes home with Kassandra. She sees me wrapped up in white cloth, but what do I care? I care.

Sister, you know the child I bore, and you know her lambswool hair. You know how he slit her throat (he cut it on the stone), to launch his ships, a thousand ships.
Track Name: Hydra (Dirty, Dirty)
My heart is set on speaking of forms, changed in to new bodies. The fox, like a grave robber, steals while the night is asleep. See how he's armed with wolfish teeth--drinking, drinking, but he's still thirsty.

I'm like Hydra. I'm richer for the loss of heads. You think I'm wild? I'm savage. But knots are made to be unravelled.

You think I'm coming from the dark side? Yes, I am.
You think I'm dark-sided...Yes, I am.

I'm adding brilliance to the light. I'm dirty.
I'm adding water to the river. I'm dirty.
I'm adding stones to the forest. I'm dirty.
I'm adding voices to the chorus.
Track Name: Falcon
I'm up on the coast trail, white caps below me, I see a ghost whale, from the ring of white trail and call out in the wind, because I'm here, I'm here. I'm the one with the darkness under my thumb.

Listen to that old pine, sing out the back door, as he moves in the wind, he's inviting us into the heart of his home, and I'm there, I'm there. I'm the one with the darkness under my thumb.

Come on, come on, won't you lie down with me, baby. come on, won't you let me lie down with you. Come on, let me be your pretty falcon. Let me catch you, little sparrow.

There's a mare and some fine hens up where the road bends. We'll feed them dry grass, when the light's fading fast, and look out to the islands and the pelicans, and have fear for the one with the darkness under my thumb. I'm the one with the darkness under my thumb.